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ModiFlon Sodium Ammonia Fluoropolymer Surface Etching


ACTON Technologies is the world leader in the surface modification of fluoropolymers and has been successfully etching all fluoropolymers including PTFE, PVDF, FEP, PFA, PCTFE, ECTFE and ETFE among others since 1947. During this time, ACTON also has been at the leading edge of development in the surface chemistries for fluoropolymer modification.

Meeting the challenging demands of our customers has allowed us to focus our intelligence and ingenuity on many fronts and now this expertise has lead ACTON to develop a new sodium ammonia etching line at our ISO 9001/ISO 14001 certified facility.

Sodium ammonia etching is a surface treatment of fluoropolymers that increases bonding strengths and allows for adhering to other surfaces. This improved sodium ammonia process allows customers with "ammonia etch" specifications to have a surface modification source produced in a controlled environment that yields the most consistent results in the industry. ACTON's sodium ammonia etching delivers high performance bondable fluoropolymers for demanding applications such as those found in aerospace, marine and automotive industries among others.


    Military Aircraft F18   Halar Coating on Large Inlet Part   Bridge Bearings   

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